how to increase focus in 5 seconds

How To Increase Focus In 5 Seconds

There is beauty in chaos and then there is a bunch of problems just waiting to happen when it’s your mind that’s all over the place. In case your mind has already moved on to Mexican beaches while reading this, here you go, the 5-seconds-version of how to increase focus (in order):


Get rid of everything you don’t need anymore and that is just cluttering up your space and your mind.



Exercise gets rid of extra, distracting energy and the adrenaline sharpens your mind (or something like that).



Give yourself time to think.


Be clear on what matters

Know what it is you want. Visualize the end result. Keep it in mind.



Write down what you have to do today. Order according to urgency. Transfer what you don’t get done today, to tomorrow’s list.


Do one thing at a time

Don’t split your attention into several parts. Do one thing at a time. Start with the easiest thing first.


I hope this will help you to increase your focus, so next time you’re writing the meeting minutes and your boss turns to you, asking whether you’ve noted down what has just been said, you don’t find yourself looking up, lost and confused, thinking “Oh no”.

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  1. cam says:

    yeah this was well written! i managed to sit and read the whole thing. i have hopes for gtting through a book now!!!!!!

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